Jaar na Titan-ramp word nog ‘n ekspedisie beplan

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Foto: Wikipedia

Foto: WFLA News Channel 8

VSA. – Dit is reeds ‘n jaar sedert die Titan-ramp op 18 Junie 2023 waarin vyf persone gesterf het. Die Titan het onderweg na die Titanic ingeplof. Guillermo Söhnlein, die medestigter van OceanGate, beplan ‘n nuwe ekspedisie.

Die nuwe ekspedisie deur Blue Marble Exploration is om die Dean’s Blue Hole in Long Island, in die Bahamas, te verken.

Söhnlein het OceanGate in 2013 verlaat en is aan die stuur van Blue Marble Exploration.

Die plan is om ‘n bemande duikboot 663 vt. diep, in die onderwatersinkgat, wat ook as die “poort van hel” beskryf word, in te stuur. Die naam is aan plaaslike bygelowe te danke.

Dean’s Blue Hole is wes van Clarence en is die wêreld se derde diepste gat met ‘n diepte van 202 m.

Lees wat Blue Marble Exploration sê hier onder:

The Sapphire Abyss expedition, presented by Blue Marble Exploration, is poised to revolutionize our understanding of one of the world’s most mesmerizing underwater caverns, Dean’s Blue Hole. We will bring the world along on the exploration of these enigmatic depths through stunning visual storytelling media, offering viewers a chance to remotely view this groundbreaking expedition crewed by professional scientists, underwater experts and local research institutions.

In the first comprehensive scientific survey of the area, our scientists will tap cutting-edge underwater ROV technology to remotely venture into some of Earth’s least hospitable conditions in search of unprecedented findings. Dean’s Blue Hole remains virtually unexplored, offering an opportunity to discover the hidden secrets of cave-dwelling species, geological climate history and unique ecosystems.

Dean’s Blue Hole is a unique natural wonder that offers a window into the unknown. Its ecological diversity, significant geological formations, and largely uncharted depths (663 ft/202 m) make it an ideal location for scientific discovery and technological advancement. By exploring this mysterious blue hole, we aim to unlock new knowledge about marine ecosystems, Earth’s ancient climate, and potentially reveal undiscovered species. This expedition offers a rare opportunity for investors to support pioneering research that could yield transformative insights and global environmental benefits.

Bronne: Blue Marble Exploration, Wikipedia, The Economic Times – India Times, NewsNation en WFLA News Channel 8

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