Prioritising employee wellness and building resilient communities

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Prioritising employee wellness and building resilient communities
Prioritising employee wellness and building resilient communities photo credit: Provided


Beefmaster Group, a specialist beef producer and Kimberley’s largest private employer, recently held a successful employee Wellness Day at its Christiana Feedlot, reflecting the business’s commitment to enhancing the health and wellbeing of its employees and enabling a resilient local agricultural community.

Emphasising the significance of this initiative, Cindy Nkgoeng, HR Manager at Beefmaster, said that the company recognises that employee wellness is a critical component of business success.

“We firmly believe that our employees are our number one asset. Promoting wellbeing means addressing all spheres of health, which is what this wellness day was about. We are committed to providing our employees and the families the tools and knowledge to lead healthier, happier lives,” said Nkgoeng, adding that employee wellness is a cornerstone of the company’s culture.

Nkgoeng added that while studies are yet to be done on the mental health of agricultural communities in South Africa, society is struggling given the adverse effects of continued loadshedding, water shortages, changing weather patterns, a depressed economy and the general cost of living.

Nkgoeng said Beefmaster Group is doing what it can to support communities to ensure that they do not only survive, but thrive, paving the way for healthier and a more prosperous future for all.

“We need our agricultural communities to be resilient, given their important role of ensuring food security to the nation, despite current challenging circumstances,” she said.

The Beefmaster Group wellness day offered a comprehensive range of awareness and training programs to empower its employees and members of the agricultural community. The event encompassed vital topics including financial management, health talks and assessments, mental wellness, domestic violence awareness, substance abuse prevention, and employee rights and responsibilities.

The company collaborated with partners such as Old Mutual, the Department of Health, the Department of Social Development, the Department of Labour and Employment and SASSA to deliver impactful and essential information to employees.

“By partnering with organisations that share our vision of a thriving community, we extend our reach and impact. Knowledge is power, and through events like our Wellness Day, we empower and support employees and community members to lead better lives,” concluded Nkogeng.


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